Target groups

The PaN Federation directs its activities at

  1. the bilateral and multilateral friendship societies in Austria;
  2. the bilateral and multilateral friendship societies abroad;
  3. the corresponding central umbrella institutions that are equivalent to the Federation in other countries;
  4. all bodies under public law with a commitment to international understanding and the fostering of friendship among nations, and to the build-up of a peaceful society;
  5. the Austrian business community, which uses the PaN network for corporate lobbying;
  6. diplomatic and consular institutions in Austria and abroad;
  7. NGOs;
  8. compatriot associations and migrant umbrella organisations;

and at all persons and institutions

  • sharing an interest in intensifying and maintaining relations at various levels with a foreign country;
  • wishing to carry out projects with a partner country;
  • working for a positive image of the Republic of Austria abroad.